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A-Z of Treatments

A variety of treatment techniques specific to you!!


A 2000-year-old Chinese treatment involving inserting needles into specific body points. The needles are single use and completely sterile. Lots of research now proves the benefits of acupuncture for many different musculoskeletal conditions.


The alignment of your muscles & joints has an effect on your posture and how you move. Altered biomechanics can cause, pain, stiffness, muscle imbalance and weakness. Advantage Physio can assess this and through various techniques attempt to help your alignment. Techniques such as taping, mobilisation, massage, orthotics, strengthening, exercise, etc can all help.


Using machines to treat!

We can use ultrasound, electroacupuncture, TENS, and interferential for various injuries to reduce pain and speed recovery.


An assessment to modify your environment to fit you. Do you sit or stand all day and are your computer, mouse, table, and chair, all in the correct position? Sustained position for long periods of the day make a correct ergonomics specifically for you essential.


Each individual and injury will need the correct exercise prescription and progression to speed rehabilitation and recovery. Once you are better, prevention exercises may also be able to reduce reoccurrence.


Colourful stretchy tape to help with proprioception, control of movement, swelling and posture. Very commonly seen on the sports field.


Clicking of joints to help improve muscle spasm, movement, alignment and pain. It’s a common treatment used by the chiropractor or osteopath. Physios are also trained to use this when needed. Have a look physio, chiropractors, osteopaths.


Many massage techniques depending on the type of injury can be used including sports massage, myofascial release, effleurage and trigger point release. Massage helps with muscle spasm, swelling, muscle tears/pulls, speed of recovery and pain.


Mobilisation involves physios pushing gentle on your joints aiming to improve movement, reduce pain and muscle spasm. This is a lighter less intense version of manipulation.


Most commonly thought of as shoe supports that can help with alignment of feet including under pronation or excessive pronation. Everyone is different therefore Advantage Physio can help see if you may benefit from an orthotic or not.


Pilates are exercises that strengthens your core stability muscles and help control movement. Improving core stability, can improve posture, biomechanical alignment, strength, stability and reduce pain and muscle spasm.

Many injuries seen in a physio clinic are caused by problems with posture, core strength, balance, flexibility or movement control; all of which Pilates can help. It’s much more than a just a ‘plank’!

Our Pilates instructor’s and physios work alongside each other to get the best you. Please visit; Ruislip Pilates website.


A posture assessment can assess sitting posture, standing posture or dynamic posture (how you move). It’s really important in modern day life when we find ourselves in sustained postures all day long. Quite often, poor posture can contribute towards pain which is why physios are so focused on correcting this when we can.


Sometimes its necessary to immobilise a body part to protect it; we can order and fit the appropriate splint, brace or support. This can allow the injured area to recover then allowing the physio to focus on the correct rehab.


There are various taping techniques to help your rehab, as well as protecting you from injury. This may vary from helping to sit correctly, to supporting a joint so you can finish that race, or game of tennis.


This is a little (phone sized) machine that can help to ease pain. It interferes with the pain signals getting to your brain.


Manual traction is a very relaxing procedure that assist movement, reduce pain and muscle spasm. A gentle traction force is applied through a joint, most commonly the spine to aide reduced pain and muscle spasm.

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