Mr. Francis Lam

I have known Paul for many years. He has helped many of my patients who are elite sports players recover fully from their injuries and return to their sports.

Paul is a dynamic, physio who understands the needs of the athletic individuals to recover quickly. Being a competitive sportsman himself, he would have either sustained the injury that you have suffered or have treated patients with this condition.

Mr David Houlihan-Burne

It is important for a sports injury consultant to have confidence in his physio to rehab patients, and I have complete confidence in the Advantage Physio team to provide a high quality of care.

They have been looking after my patients for both non-surgical treatment of sports injuries and also rehabilitation following surgery for a many years.

I have excellent feedback from my patients regarding the teams abilities and treatment and will continue to utilise his services for my patients.

Patient A:

I am a 55 yr old man , who likes to keep active. I suffer from aches and strains. The physio team always treat them in a kind and professional manner and get me up and about quickly. Which cuts down on my time and expense.

Patient B:

Having damaged my back whilst pruning hedges, I was very keen to get myself mobile again as quickly as possible in time for a walking holiday a few days later. Kelly and the team did a great job of getting me going again so I was able to enjoy the holiday. I was even able to finish the hedges within a couple of weeks! I'm now largely recovered and have exercises to do to keep the problem away in the future.

Patient C:

I am a very active 40 year old tennis player who even travels internationally to take part in ITF Veteran events. The down side of all this tennis is that I pick up a lot of injuries. I have been coming to Advantage Physiotherapy for just over 2 years now. I first came to Paul with a shoulder injury. At the time I was only able to play up to two matches in a row before my shoulder would give in and I could no longer serve...I have not had any issues with my shoulder for 18 months now. Paul quickly identified the root cause of the problem, initiated the treatment to speed up the recovery and provided a program to prevent the injury recurring. Lately, Paul and the team have been helping me recover from a knee injury. I can't stress enough the confidence I have in the Advantage team to address any physical issues that I may encounter and to get me back on court as quickly as possible.

Patient D:

Friendly and professional service. The advantage Physio team helped sort me out after I slipped a disc in my back a couple of years ago and I still see them periodically to keep my middle/upper back mobile and flexible. they always offer the right balance of treatment and a recommended exercise / rehab program and always explains exactly what he's diagnosed, what the root cause probably is, and how to go about improving it.

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