Pilates & physiotherapy in Amersham & Chorleywood

Many injuries seen in a physiotherapy clinic stem from problems relating to poor posture, mobility, balance, core strength and flexibility – all of which Pilates can improve.

Pilates builds balanced and coordinated muscles from head to toe while targeting the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine, improving core stability and alignment.

Suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender or experience, the mental and physical benefits of Pilates are far-reaching and transformative including:

Here at Ruislip Physio we are dedicated to providing you with the best care. Our physiotherapists and experienced Pilates instructors work alongside each other to help patients recover and improve

We offer a range of Pilates classes for all levels of experience and abilities. The classes are kept small and tailored to meet individual’s needs.

Small Group Pilates Mat Classes

Perfect for those needing a more specialised programme whether for rehabilitation, improving athletic performance or simply fine-tuning movement. We use a mix of Reformer and Studio equipment to optimise your recovery and performance.

Our Pilates classes run out of our studio at our Ruislip Clinic. For more information on Pilates and our classes take a look at our dedicated Ruislip Pilates website or give the Ruislip physio reception team a call on 01895638841.

Pali Kumari

Pilates Instructor

Pali is passionate about helping people discover the joy of moving their bodies with ease and experiencing their potential.

“I really enjoy getting into the nitty gritty of finding the right approach for each individual; to help them feel more connected to their bodies and move with spontaneity. That ‘aha’ moment they experience that is profoundly transformative to their well-being. It’s magical.”

Pali Kumari has been in the fitness business since 2011. After starting out as a personal trainer and Barre instructor she became increasingly fascinated by the biomechanics of movement in relation to health and fitness, leading her to study and teach Pilates.

Previously Pali worked for an environmental charity that campaigned to stop environmental crime. During this time, she spent three years in Tanzania teaching grassroots communities to document the human and environmental abuses they faced and use visual media to campaign for change.

Pali is now able to combine her joy of teaching with her passion for fitness as a unique Pilates teacher.

Danielle King

Pilates Instructor

I have been in the fitness industry for 12 years now and its part of my life and biggest passion. I started as a swim coach for children, which then lead me to Personal Training and group exercise. My Personal Training career has been a wonderful journey of consistently learning new skills. At 25 I naturally fell into HITT training, weights and circuits which was great fun but not where my heart lay. I became more interested in how people moved and how I could make them feel better after exercise, through corrective exercise, 3D moving and posture assessments. After completing a Pre and Post Natal course I needed to expand this knowledge of the core and Pilates was the nexp, I am newly qualified this year but Pilates has been a complete eye opener for me. I am now using the knowledge with all my clients including myself, the difference in strength, mobility and posture is incredible. Let’s keep this journey going.

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