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Physio Via Video Consultation!

Although this is not the ideal way to treat and not all physio treatments will be available,
we still believe we can help to assess, diagnose, reassure and guide through exercises to help with your physio related issues.

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Paul & the Team


Our women’s health specialist

She graduated from Brunel University in 2013 with a BSc in Physio. She now works in both NHS and private hospitals, Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea NHS Trust, The Portland as well as at our Ruislip Physio Clinic.

After graduating Sam completed her rotations at Hertfordshire in Musculoskeletal, Respiratory and Medical and surgical Physiotherapy. She then specialised into Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy whilst completing further postgraduate courses in her specialist area. She then accepted the post of senior specialist Women's health Physiotherapist at Queen Charlotte's in early 2016.

Sam specialises in assessment and treatment of all obstetric (pregnancy related) conditions and gynaecology (vagina, bladder and bowel) This includes: pregnancy related back pain, sciatica, Pelvic girdle pain (PGP) , muscle pain, hip pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, rib pain, postural problems, sexual dysfunction, prolapse, weak pelvic floor muscles, incontinence from bladder and bowel, postnatal rehab, ante and postnatal body checks, ante and postnatal Pilates.

Sam's passion lies in helping new Mum's get back to their pre pregnancy health both physically and mentally.

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